Commercial & Office Insurance

Provided that premises have adequate security measures, Seviour Insurance is able to offer very competitive premiums for all types of Commercial Insurance, and specialise in covering small businesses on the Costa del Sol such as:

Comprehensive commercial insurance policies include all the following Standard and Optional Covers:

  • Theft and Hold-Up
  • Public Liability
  • Refrigerated and Frozen Foods
  • Loss of Profits
  • Breakage of Glass

Please complete the questionaire below for a personalised quotation:

Full name
Spanish postcode / town
E-mail address / Phone number
Business post code
Type of business
Number of employees
Owned/leased by you Owned Leased
Location Ground floor
Commercial centre
Security Measures With full metal shutters on main entrance
With scissor type shutters on main entrance
Security locks
Grills on windows
Connected alarm system under contract
Alarm system not under contract
Security glass
Locking security shutters
Other - please state
Do the premises have fire extinguishers or other anti-fire measures Yes


Contents (furniture & machinery)(€)

Contents (stock)(€)

Frozen foods (bars / restaurants etc.)(€)

Buildings (if required)(€)

Loss of Profits Yes No
Employee Liability Yes No
Foodhandling Liability Yes No
Any other relevant information:
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