Home Insurance

Seviour Insurance is happy to provide Home Insurance quotations for all types of properties, from large villas and fincas to the smallest studio apartment, mobile/static homes and wooden houses. With wording in English, Buildings and/or Contents can be covered on policies tailor-made to suit individual requirements.

Optional Guarantees on top of the Standard Covers can include:

There are no minumum premiums on Home Insurance, and in the next few months a new series of home products will be introduced with varying levels of covers and premium rates.

Please complete the questionaire below for a personalised quotation:

Full name
Spanish postcode / town
E-mail address / phone number
Property postcode
Type of property Chalet
Terraced / semi detached townhouse
Detached townhouse
Ground floor apartment
Penthouse apartment
Non-gound floor nor penthouse apartment
Area Built-Up
Secluded Area
Unoccupancy per year Up to 30 days
31-90 days
91-180 days
181-270 days
More than 270 days
Weekend use
Approx. year of construction
Approx. square mts.
Solid construction and non-combusitible materials? Yes
  Property owned by the proposer and not rented to third parties
Property owned by the proposer and rented to third parties
Proposer is the tenant
Property is a secondary home (not rented to third parties)
  Solid front door (wood, metal or PVC)
Security locks
Grills on windows
Connected alarm system under contract
Alarm system not under contract
Security glass
Locking security shutters
Other - please state
Valuable items you wish to specify (please include individual values):
  Accidental damage within the home for Contents
Tenant's liability
Dog owner's liability
Hunting liability
Golf equipment and/or buggy
All Risks contents outside the home (list of items required with individual values)
Any other relevant information:
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